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Archive for the ‘Ballroom Dancing’ Category

Conga Kids

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With the long list of benefits attributed to ballroom dance, children attending schools in various LA County school districts are fortunate to have a special arts program called Conga Kids in their district. 

Compete Like a Pro… as an Amateur

Have you ever watched those ballroom dance competitions on television and wondered how you could ever get involved in such a thing, when you’re just an amateur? Granted, while the professional dance sport competitions are typically for experienced to pro level dancers, there are still avenues (like ATOMIC) out there where novices can get a taste of what […]

The Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships & Dance Camp

Emerald ballroom

The time has come again when the Emerald Ball shines its glitzy glamour upon Southern California. Said to be one of the oldest ballroom competitions in U.S. history, this illustrious event began in San Francisco under Sheila and Ken Sloan. After promoting it for about 25 years prior, Wayne and Donna Eng purchased the Emerald […]

Teacher Feature: Reza Zargari

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Our next teacher for our “Teacher Features” is old/new instructor, Reza! Reza taught at ATOMIC for a few years, left for a few years to develop his career, but then realized he couldn’t stay away from dance or ATOMIC and so now he is back! Reza left ATOMIC before I started working here, so I […]

Ballroom Playbook


Being the rebellious type that I am, I’m typically not one to follow most rules or trends simply because someone says that I should. I’m usually the first one to question such things, and every now and then start my own trend or movement. So when I first heard about proper etiquette for social dances, […]

Smart People Dance!

Dancers come in all forms and from all walks of life. As someone who enjoys a wide variety of activities from artistic and cultural, nightlife to the outdoors, and the intellectually stimulating to the death-defying extreme, I constantly meet a broad spectrum of different types of people. Out of all these different activities I’ve been […]