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Archive for the ‘Blues Dancing’ Category

Feel Happy Dancing the Blues

Blues dancing is one of those art forms that can draw a blank for most non-dancers, and others who are not familiar with the music or scene. So what exactly is it?

Slow Drag on Down to The Blues Lounge

Blues dancing with its solo, partnered, vintage and contemporary forms are another branch of the vernacular jazz dance family. When the lights are low and the tempo drops, it’s time to slow dance. And at Atomic on Fridays, when you’re in the mood to drag it out there’s the Blues Lounge tucked away upstairs!

March Mayhem : Part 1

Solo Dancing! Solo Jazz.  Solo Charleston. Solo Blues.  Tap.  And more… Welcome to March Mayhem where we will be celebrating a variety of dance styles on film! We’d like to begin with a look at solo dancing – solo charleston, blues, tap and smooth ballroom.  There are many types of individual dances, these are just […]

Slow it down with Slow Drag

This Saturday dance partners Nikki Marvin and Mikey Pedroza will be teaching an Intermediate Blues and Slow Swing workshop at ATOMIC-Irvine from Noon until 4 p.m. Mikey and Nikki have developed their version of slow swing that they’ve also called the slow drag.  The slow drag was a precursor to some of the swing dances […]