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High School Dance Team Wows Crowds

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.54.20 AM

Creative costumes, dynamic dancing, wicked wardrobe, charming sets and characters come to life… not what anyone would expect from a high school production, yet this is exactly what ThePac The Performing Arts Crew Walden Grove dance team known as ThePac delivers in each of their larger than life productions.

Competitors Get Ready, The Atomic Classic is Back!

Quickstep ATOMclassic

To all the local dancing machines, and anyone with a competitive spirit, it’s time to shine those dancing shoes and get ready for the very special Atomic Ballroom Classic, happening on Saturday, February 27th. This isn’t just your ordinary dance competition, as it’s ultra inclusive, ultra fun, and ultra easy to enter! 

Special Dance to Grace the Special Olympics

special olympics dancers

For years, many have wondered why dance is not yet an Olympic sport. Although petitions have been put forward and it will likely happen at some point in the near future, thus far, this is not yet the case. However, the introduction of the Inaugural dance challenge at the opening ceremony for this years Special […]

Reality TV’s Impact on the Dance World

judges SYTYCD_6273

Ten years ago, the average American didn’t know much about the ins and outs of the dance world. In fact, most people wouldn’t have been able to name the different dance styles, much less recognize the main differences between them. However nowadays with popular competition shows everywhere, the average non-dancing person now now has some […]

Camp Hollywood XVII: An OC Takeover!


If you’re not a Lindy Hopper, or maybe you are new to the scene, you may not have heard that hundreds of swing dancers gathered in Los Angeles this Labor Day weekend at an event called Camp Hollywood. You may also not have heard, that dancers at ATOMIC Ballroom, killed it this weekend at said […]

Atomic Ballroom Takes the US Open by Storm


Congratulations to all the US Open Swing Dance Championship competitors and award winners!! Orange County and Atomic Ballroom Family Members made a strong showing, with Atomic Owners Nikki and Shesha Marvin taking 1st in the Strictly Lindy contest together.  And they placed 1st and 2nd with their respective partners in the Lindy Showcase division!