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New Dance, New Year

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As we embark upon another new year, people around the world attempt to tackle their New Years resolutions; some for the umpteenth time. Since statistics show that most people fail to stick with their resolutions (most of which are the same ten self improvement goals), it made sense to begin this year with inspirational words from the dance […]

Tango, Lindy and More, Workshops Gallore!

featured image 4 summer wkshp blog

What better way to spend part of your summer than learning something new that challenges your body, brain, and is a ton of fun? ATOMIC offers dance workshops in countless styles throughout the year, but what better time to start than during the hot summer months, where you can keep cool inside of the cool, […]

Learning Methods to Advance In Dance


So you’re taking dance classes, whether for the first time or as a long time participant, and you’re wondering what’s the best way to retain all of the information being thrown at you? There is no one way for everyone as we all learn differently. However, incorporating one or more of the following methods is […]

Learning Multiple Dance Styles vs. One At A Time: Which Is Easier?

tug of war

One of the most prevalent discussions in the dance world is that of comparing one dance style against another. As some debate which is better, more technical, more enjoyable, easier vs. harder to learn, and so on, there are numerous categories for which seemingly endless debates can be had. With many of these arguments boiling […]

The Benefits of Dancing Multiple Styles

dance variety

If you’ve spent years training in a particular dance style, or you simply have a favorite style that you love more than all the rest, you might wonder why bother with anything else? Although there are some who would argue that sticking with one style is best, allowing you to hone your skills and potentially […]

Great Gifts for the Dancer in Your Life

gift of dance In a box

With the holiday shopping season upon us, you’ve made your list, but still wonder what do you get the dance enthusiast in your life? How do you know what they already have vs. what they do or don’t need? Although the act of dancing in of itself is often thought of as a gift; We’ve […]