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Archive for the ‘Dance History’ Category

The Dance of Politics

As citizens Across America gathered at the polls today to cast their votes for midterm elections, we reflect on the ways in which politics and dance are connected through American culture and history.

Dancers Who Broke Barriers and Impacted Dance History

In honor of Black History Month we reflect on some of the dance pioneers who broke racial barriers while leaving a legacy of contributions and an indelible mark upon the world of dance.

Square Dance Day

With national days for just about everything including dances like ballet, hip-hop, and National dance day, it should come as no surprise to have a national day for a dance that is as old as the thirteen North American colonies, and is the official dance of 19 US states today. National Square Dancing Day, observed on November 29th […]

Native American Hoop Dance

While many Americans observe Thanksgiving by gathering around a table and stuffing themselves to a gluttonous delight, others satisfy their appetite by indulging in rich cultural delights like folkloric dancing.

National Get Funky Day!

“Get Funky” is more than just a catch phrase, it is also a National day to be observed across the nation.

Iconic Award Show Dance Numbers

Grab those glitzy garments Ladies and Gents award season has arrived! January and February are jam packed with big awards shows like the Grammy’s, the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards and the nearly 100 year old Academy Awards. While some viewers are interested in the fashion, their favorite stars, or the awards themselves, what most […]