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Archive for the ‘Dancing Around the World’ Category

Best dance moments of the 2016 Olympic Games


Every four years nations of the world come together for friendly competition in hopes of winning gold for their country. With the stakes so high, the games be serious and outright intense. Plagued with concerns over readiness, safety and rocked by scandal, these games were nothing short of dramatic. As the first Olympics ever to be […]

The Los Angeles Culture Festival

Hollywood Carnival

Hollywood comes to life in living color and culture, in all its splendor, with the fifth edition of the Los Angeles Culture Festival, also known as Hollywood Carnival. Each year the already vibrant area bursts with color and contrast as revelers fill the streets for a weekend of music, dance and more.

The Running Man Dance: Old School vs. New School


This week I continue coverage of the viral Running-man challenge along with the immense response it has been getting. Despite all of the excitement (surrounding it) that it’s been drawing from pro athletes, firemen, police officers and regular people around the world, it has also received its share of backlash. As a top trending topic, […]

The Running Man Challenge Takes Off

Can you guess what’s trending across social media and even some news headlines worldwide? Here’s a hint… it’s dance related and it’s called the Running-man challenge. And much like other viral video trends we’ve seen before, such as the Ice bucket challenge and dance crazes like the Whip/Nae-Nae and the Harlem Shake, it’s sweeping the World […]

World Belly Dance Day 2016

world belly dance day

Each year on the second Saturday in May, belly dance enthusiasts all over the world come together to celebrate World Belly Dance Day. Founded by Lydia Tzigane of Dubai, the main purpose of this event is to educate the public on the art form and history of the dance, while celebrating its beauty and mystique. […]

World Dance Day 2016


Grab your dancing shoes and get them ready for the global arts spectacular known as World Dance Day or International Dance Day. On April 29, 2016 countless organizations in numerous countries will observe this special day that has a very special mission.