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Archive for the ‘Dancing Around the World’ Category

May Day Dance

Did you know that May Day is more than just a day of commemoration for laborers? It also has historic significance as a harvest and fertility festival, commemorated with official dance traditions.

The Pulse of Polynesia

  Hula, a dance steeped in rich history and cultural tradition, that to many encapsulates an entire chain of South Pacific islands.  Hula dance has become one of the most iconic, recognizable symbols of Polynesian culture.

Flamenco Fever Spreads Across the Globe

Flamenco, a colorful, passionate dance with roots in Spain and gypsy culture, makes its way to the West Coast for The Los Angeles Flamenco Festival on March 15th and 16th.

Black Panther Film Drives Dance Craze, Fashion Frenzy & Cultural Revolution

Thrilling,  uplifting, action packed, larger than life… these are all adjectives often used to describe the Marvel comic book recently turned blockbuster movie smash Black Panther.   

Japanese Sapporo Snow Festival

Mardi Gras in Louisianna, Carnaval in Brazil and the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea are all major international events taking place this February. With these being some of the the world’s largest and most infamous gatherings, revelers are also partaking in other lesser known, albeit grand, celebratory displays in other parts of the world.

Accrorap and Cirque Éloize bring a Touch of France to the American West

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, UC Santa Barbara Arts and Lectures will host back to back performances by two French dance companies, both inspired by Les Americains, and highlighting America’s growing global influence in the arts.