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Archive for the ‘Fashion’ Category

Dance Inspired Men’s Wear Line

What would a dance inspired men’s wear line look like? When it hails from the maverick mind of French designer Stéphane Ashpool, it looks like deep textures, bold color and of course flowing movement.

Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate the Fourth of July in Vintage Style The United States is celebrating 236 years of independence this year! And around sunny southern California this Wednesday, there will be backyard barbecues, neighborhood block parties and extreme fireworks displays. As you prepare to don your Red, White and Blue here are some ideas to bring a […]

Adding Vintage Neckties to your Wardrobe

Reviving the Fashionable Male Many years ago, before the ‘casual movement’ when T-shirts and unbuttoned collared shirts became the standard work, sport and weekend ware for men, most men pulled their appearance together with neckties and other various accessories (hats, kerchiefs, etc).  When you see a vintage clip of social dancing at the Savoy Ballroom, […]

OMG…Dance Shoes!

Online Resources for Swing, Tango, West Coast Swing and Ballroom Shoes for Men & Women What you where on you feet when dancing is VERY important!  Each style of dance requires specific types of movements and our shoes help us to create and embellish the lines we are painstakingly trying to perfect.  And shoes, like […]

December Pinup: Ms. Tabby Da Katt

Ms. Tabby Da Katt is the December pin up girl with the most! Our December PinUp will make you all warm and fuzzy inside, perfect for those dreary, ice cold winters that Orange County, CA is famous for. In fact, it must be at most, 60F outside right now!  Brrrrrr! From Hollywood to Harlem, Ms. […]

November Pinup: Ms. Gingerlu

Sporting the latest in military uniforms, the November ATOMIC Cherry Bomb Pin Up, PFC Gingerlu is nothing but first class. Serving as both a PFC and acting director of clandestine services for MI:6, this pinup girl is one of the busiest Cherry Bombs around. I have been fortunate enough to experience this First Class Pinup […]