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Michaela DePrince: From War-torn Orphanage to Ballerina Superstar

What do you get when you combine a prima ballerina with the Material Girl?  You get two dancing divas and an inspirational bio-pic set to uplift spirits and inspire hearts across the globe.

Shaker Board Dancing

Shaker boarders, also known as sign dancers are individuals hired by companies to draw passing traffic out from the street into the business. They are typically seen at busy intersections and other high traffic areas using a sign and attention grabbing skills to direct people to stop by for a car wash, food or other […]

Roller Dreams

On Friday, October 13th Metro Art Los Angeles will feature the first installment of a documentary film series about Los Angeles. “Roller Dreams.”, a film about young people of color who find sanctuary from tough inner city streets by roller dancing in Venice Beach.  

Dancing Ninjas

Ninjas move with precise speed, grace and agility, demonstrating their flawless technique and the narrow line at which dance and martial arts intersect.  

Longboard Dancing

If you aren’t much of a dancer or skateboarder, chances are you’ve never heard of longboard dancing. This fast and furious sport is growing steadily, with competitive riders emerging from all around the world.

National Dance Like A Chicken Day

While there are a number of surprising holidays out there, some might be surprised to know that May 14th is National Dance Like a Chicken Day. Celebrated annually this is both a movement in the physical sense as well as a cultural one!