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Words of Movement and Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what inspires great artists to create a masterpiece? What is it that drives a musician to compose a hit song? A writer to draft a best-selling novel; A filmmaker to produce a blockbuster movie; or a dancer to choreograph an award winning routine? Although there can be many factors that culminate […]

Re-defining Gender Roles With Baladi Dance

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.16.39 AM

What the West thinks of as belly dancing is actually known as ‘baladi’ dance (meaning folk dance) in North Africa and the Middle East. 

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards

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While the curtain has already closed for this years awards season in Hollywood, it is still underway for other areas of art and entertainment. The 32nd Annual Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (a.k.a the Izzies), were held on March 26th to honor the movers and shakers in the local dance community.

Dollar Dance Shows

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Recently, the Joyce Theater in New York introduced “Pay What You Decide,” a ticket-sales initiative that allows patrons to reserve a seat for just $1 and then pay whatever they choose after already viewing a full dance performance.

Dancing on Ice

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While some people struggle to find coordination and balance on solid ground, teams of the world’s best athletes are making their way to Peyong Chang, South Korea to dance their hearts out (on ice) in the Winter Olympic Games.

Dancing Teachers Wow Crowds

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Imagine a school where students were excited to get to class rather than leave. Or teachers who most students could relate to, rather than feel alienated from. This is the case for students and faculty at the following schools, where teachers and even principals unite as one with their students on the class room floor […]