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Dancing for Senior Fitness Day

Since one of the secrets to aging gracefully is staying active, it is fitting that seniors and those who wish to live long enough to become seniors get out there and commemorate National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

Cinco de Mayo: A World of Dance

Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays that many people eagerly celebrate without understanding what it’s about or why they’re celebrating! As we re-visit the history of how it came to be, we’ll also have a look at some of the colorful, artistic aspects that make it so appealing to people everywhere and make […]

Private Lessons : A social dancer’s secret weapon

Getting on the Social Floor I’m always learning to dance.  I figure I’ll never really master dancing to the level I’d like, but that’s okay because I’m a “social dancer.”  What I’ve always wanted to do is get to the point where I feel comfortable dancing with partners of all different levels on the social […]

Bay Area Dance Week

Now in its 20th year, Bay Area Dance Week (BADW) has collaborated with a bevy of sponsors and organizations of all types that bring the community together in celebration of its vibrant culture and rich dance-arts scene.

Words of Movement and Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what inspires great artists to create a masterpiece? What is it that drives a musician to compose a hit song? A writer to draft a best-selling novel; A filmmaker to produce a blockbuster movie; or a dancer to choreograph an award winning routine? Although there can be many factors that culminate […]

Re-defining Gender Roles With Baladi Dance

What the West thinks of as belly dancing is actually known as ‘baladi’ dance (meaning folk dance) in North Africa and the Middle East.