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Dance Fun for Fitness GIF’s

With the warm glow of spring more people start going back to outdoor physical activities such as hiking and working out. What better way to make things interesting than to add a little music and dance. Check out these popular GIF’s showing people having a blast in all of their dance fitness glory.   Nothing […]

Pretty Big Movement : Dance, Culture Shift and Beyond

What do you think of when you picture a dancer? The typical image that comes to mind for so many is a long, lean body with svelte, elongated limbs to match. This is not only what non-dancers tend to imagine, but many casting agents, choreographers and others within the industry also tend to picture a slender frame to […]

Whipped Cream Ballet Spreads Through California

Smooth, gratifying and a delight to the senses is just how one might describe eating whip cream or also watching Whip Cream the ballet as it makes its way to Orange County, California.

The Dance of Love

So what exactly is the dance of love? While some consider this Argentine tango and others say it is the romantic rumba, there are films about Brazilian zouk as well as a Hindi-language Indian feature film, each titled “The Dance of Love”. So it is quite apparent that the dance of love, much like love itself […]

Super Bowl Means Super Dance

To the average viewer, the Super Bowl represents getting together with friends for food, family fun and of course football. For most, this goliath event is all about the game itself, specifically the action on the field. But for others with a keen, artistic eye, it’s about so much more… like dance!

Superbowl Halftime Show Covers

Some Superbowl half time shows are so memorable that some fans are left inspired to re-create their favorite performances, sans all the pyrotechnics, fireworks and crowd filled stadium of course. In honor of the upcoming Superbowl LI, let’s have a look back at some of the most memorable re-creations.