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Archive for the ‘Guest Editorial’ Category

Reduce Your Waist Line While Increasing Your Social Circle … and Dating Pool at Atomic!

Can you feel the love in the air? I can. Or maybe it’s just permeating perspiration that feels like the moist air on a humid day in the tropics! As we settle into the new year with renewed goals and aspirations in the forefront of our minds, for many, love and romance take over, with […]

Floor Craft for Lindy Hoppers (and Maybe Others)

Ballroom dancers who do waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, and other dances that travel learn quickly about how to maintain control of their movements out of necessity. No one wants to collide, step on, or to cut off other couples. But this skill called “floor craft” is a valuable one that some Lindy Hoppers tend to not […]

The Multi-Tasking Dancer

The other night, on a pleasant summer evening in Southern California, I was out social dancing at a Swing event. There was a wealth of lovely, willing leads. The band was exuberantly playing some loungey swing classics, like “Fly Me to the Moon,” “Mack the Knife,” and “Something’s Gotta Give”—then, suddenly, like an unexpected but […]