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Archive for the ‘International Ballroom’ Category

100 Year Old Dancing Dude Teaches Until His Dying Day

One-hundred year old dance instructor Eddie Deems Sr., truly lived up to the saying, “dancing keeps you young”. Deems not only kept dancing, but also continued working as an instructor until just a few months before his 100th birthday.

Samba de Gafieira: The Tango of Brazil

If you haven’t been to South America or don’t know much about dance history, you might be scratching your head wondering what exactly is this ‘Tango of Brazil’ and how it got its name?

Teacher Feature: Reza Zargari

Our next teacher for our “Teacher Features” is old/new instructor, Reza! Reza taught at ATOMIC for a few years, left for a few years to develop his career, but then realized he couldn’t stay away from dance or ATOMIC and so now he is back! Reza left ATOMIC before I started working here, so I […]

March Mayhem : Part 1

Solo Dancing! Solo Jazz.  Solo Charleston. Solo Blues.  Tap.  And more… Welcome to March Mayhem where we will be celebrating a variety of dance styles on film! We’d like to begin with a look at solo dancing – solo charleston, blues, tap and smooth ballroom.  There are many types of individual dances, these are just […]

Ballroom: International vs. American Style

Now that ATOMIC Ballroom is offering classes in International style  Ballroom as well as American, you’re probably asking yourself: what’s the difference between the two? The first big difference between American and International Ballroom is the dances themselves. American Ballroom American Ballroom is broken down into two categories, called Smooth and Rhythm. The dances for […]