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The King of Pop’s Reign Over the Arts

It is no easy task to try to summarize the illustrious, near half century career of arguably the most influential artist of all time, Michael Jackson. He was more than one of the greatest selling artists of all time, but was also a composer, author, beatboxer, poet, humanitarian and of course dancer. His wide reaching effect and […]

Chapman Celebrates Makes OC a Musical Theater Contender

Just imagine a fun night out watching live, dynamic entertainment while supporting up and coming local talent and a good cause. If you’re in Orange County and looking for an entertaining live show, this could often involve a long drive to Los Angeles – in congested traffic. But now, with ensembles like Chapman University’s theater show […]

TV Ads That Put Some Pep in Your Step!

What is it about television ads that make them unforgettable? Is it the characters, dialogue, music or the product itself? Although this can vary for each of us, often times when you think about many of the ads that we can’t get out of our heads, or that are often parodied and talked about long […]

Top Dance Songs of 2015

We all have that song that we just can’t get out of our heads, whether it reminds of something or someone special, or because we seem to hear it everywhere we go. Some songs make us move our feet, while some simply move our hearts. It is the songs that are able to move both […]

Benny Goodman vs Artie Shaw

The King of Swing vs The King of the Clarinet I LOVE Artie Shaw!  If I had been born in the ‘right time’ I would’ve been following that swanky band leader around, batting my eyelashes at him.  I know Benny  Goodman is the King of Swing, the master with the plan and the guy with […]

Local Southern California Bands Serving Up Great Dance Music

With the closing of the Carnation Plaza last month, California lost one of its longest running live music venues.   For some 50 years, Disneyland provided a live musical talent in the shadow of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton…many of jazz greats played this humble stage.  This is […]