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Archive for the ‘Salsa Dancing’ Category

Classic Salsa in the OC at Candela

If you’re a frequent dancer, you have likely noticed that fellow dancers always seem to be on the hunt for new stomping grounds, even when they already have a nice, regular place to dance.  Whether for change of scenery, other reasons, or most often seeking a safe haven for a different night, many dancers like […]

Salsa Atomica’s 9 Year Anniversary Party

What could be better than celebrating a special anniversary party? Why that would be celebrating two very special events at once. This Wednesday, May 4th, ATOMIC commemorates its ninth year of its popular salsa dance social, aptly referred to as “Salsa Atomica”. For nearly a decade, the ballroom has grown a solid community of dedicated […]

Pre-Thanksgiving Dance at Atomic!

That time of year has arrived when the leaves change color and holiday decorations go up… along with those bathroom scales. Rather than packing on the pounds this holiday season, come on in to ATOMIC to help burn off those extra calories while having some festive holiday fun!

The LA Salsa Fest

If you’re new to the social dance world, or perhaps have been living under a rock, then you may not be familiar with the Salsa Fest or other similar dance conventions. If that’s the case, please allow me to acquaint you. Just about every week, somewhere in the world there is a dance/music festival taking […]

Salsa’s Spicy Roots

Hot, spicy and full of flavor, salsa will have you sweating and shaking with the best of them. And no I’m not referring to the salsa you can eat (hold the chips please)! I’m talking about the caliente salsa dancing and music that has been heating up dance floors and the international music scene around […]

Salsamania : The Congress, Festivals and More!

Some may be wondering, what exactly is a Salsa Congress? While others may wonder how did such a serious, official sounding title become synonymous with such a sultry style of dance? A salsa congress is essentially a large gathering of amateur and professional salsa dance enthusiasts who come together to share and cultivate their love […]