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Archive for the ‘West Coast Swing’ Category

Private Lessons : A social dancer’s secret weapon

Getting on the Social Floor I’m always learning to dance.  I figure I’ll never really master dancing to the level I’d like, but that’s okay because I’m a “social dancer.”  What I’ve always wanted to do is get to the point where I feel comfortable dancing with partners of all different levels on the social […]

The Superbowl of Swing : The US Open 2016 For most Americans the end of November signals the start of the Holiday shopping season, football and eager over consumption at holiday gatherings. While many pass down annual traditions that include Thanksgiving Day parades and feasts, dancers in the swing community honor traditions like week long dance conventions over Thanksgiving that include marathon workshops, showcases and so much […]

22nd Annual Easter Swing Dance

This Easter weekend, “Westies” everywhere will be strutting their stuff at the highly rated, annual Easter Swing 2016. What better way to combine your love of West Coast Swing dance with the festive Easter holiday simultaneously? Now in its 22nd year, from March 24-27th, Seattle’s already vibrant, bustling city center will come to life as […]

4th of July Dance Conventions

While some people celebrate Independence day with traditional barbecues and fireworks, others, particularly dancers like to do the same so long as it’s not too far from a dance floor! Since many places either close for the holiday, or have adjusted schedules, and many people like to get away for the holiday, what better reason […]

Teacher Feature: Demetre Souliotes

For this teacher feature, I’m excited to introduce you all to Demetre Souliotes! Demetre is a long time West Coast Swing dancer but has only been teaching with us at ATOMIC for about a year. Since joining our teaching team, Demetre has brought a lot of good energy to the studio. Not only is he […]

Take a Whirl in West Coast Swing

What exactly is West Coast Swing and how does it differ from East Coast or other swing dances? For some this may seem like a silly question but for others who have yet to experience this dance craze, it is actually commonly wondered aloud.