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Archive for the ‘Tango Dancing’ Category

Private Lessons : A social dancer’s secret weapon

Getting on the Social Floor I’m always learning to dance.  I figure I’ll never really master dancing to the level I’d like, but that’s okay because I’m a “social dancer.”  What I’ve always wanted to do is get to the point where I feel comfortable dancing with partners of all different levels on the social […]

Tango Under the Stars

What do you get when you combine summertime and Argentine tango? You get a smouldering scene of steamy dance outdoors cooled by the late night air. Imagine the smouldering scene: much like adding cold milk to a steaming cup of coffee, large groups of dancers saunter across the open air floor as the sunset gives […]

Valentine’s Day Dance Adds to Romance

This Valentine’s Day, why not top off that romantic dinner with a little dessert? Not just any dessert, rather one that helps get rid of calories as opposed to packing them on. Although I’m not referring to something you would eat, this is just as satisfying. Come spend an enchanting evening in a close embrace, dancing […]

Tango Maya Festival

From Nov.5-Nov 9th, 2015 the beaches of Cancun, Mexico will heat up to a fever pitch as throngs of tango dance enthusiasts flock to this tropical paradise for the annual Tango Maya Fest. Now in it’s 4th year, this highly anticipated five day festival draws crowds from all over North America and around the world.

Tango in the Tropics

As the days become shorter and temperatures grow cooler, many of us begin looking for ways to evade the winter chill. I can’t think of a better way to escape the dreary weather than to head south of the border for fun in the sun while dancing tango in a tropical paradise.

Is All Tango Created Equal?

So what is the exact difference between Argentine Tango and Ballroom (International and American) style Tango? Or are they the same thing only with different names?