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A How to for Wedding Dances

Apart from the actual, emotional exchanging of vows, a.k.a “tying of the knot,” just think, what is the other major highlight of most weddings? Give up? Why it’s the wedding dance of course! Although this can vary in style and substance among different cultures, religions and so on, of all the places where it is […]

Wedding Dance Basics

No matter the country or culture, just about everywhere in the world wedding dances are an integral part of the wedding ceremony and cultural tradition, as well as a memorable highlight for most. Although the types of ceremonies and dancing vary from place to place, overall, particularly in many Western cultures, certain trends tend to […]

Wedding Dance 101

Recently I wrote about wedding dances and how to prepare for such an event. This time I’ll further explore what exactly goes into such an event and some of the specific dance styles that will be covered in ATOMIC’S Wedding Dance Workshop on October 18th.

Secrets for Surviving and Rocking a Wedding Dance

With the wonderful warmth of summer still upon us, the sound of wedding bells fills the air. In addition to the preparation, food and critically key nuptials, another important matter are the festivities – which are commonly kicked off by a series of dances. So what do you do if you’re one of those people […]

Last Minute Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Dance

Your summer wedding is only weeks away? Don’t sweat it! Atomic Ballroom and their family of dance instructors and wedding consultants have the finishing touches that will guarantee your wedding to be the absolute best blow out of the summer!

Dance Your Way Into Their Heart

And Surprise Your Fiancé with Dance Lessons this Valentine’s Day It’s not enough to just buy a ring and think it’s smooth sailing down to the aisle.  Here is your chance to show your future mate that you’re actively involved in the wedding process and treat them to a little active fun this Valentine’s Day.  Stop at […]