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A monumental moment occurred when the Korean Broadcasting Service (KBS) ushered in the new year by airing “Joseon Beauty Pageant”, which broke ground by featuring rarely seen, traditional Korean music and dance.

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New Dance, New Year

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Dance Guide | Jan 02, 2018
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As we embark upon another new year, people around the world attempt to tackle their New Years resolutions; some for the umpteenth time. Since statistics show that most people fail to stick with their resolutions (most of which are the same ten self improvement goals), it made sense to begin this year with inspirational words from the dance world that can also be applied to every day life.

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Twelve Days of Gifts for the Dancer in Your Life

Posted By: Nneka Opene | General | Dec 26, 2017
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We’ve all heard the song “The twelve days of Christmas.” So for those wondering how to apply those lyrics as inspiration for the shopping list for the dance enthusiast in your life, look no further.

While individual tastes may vary, there are a few things that most active people, particularly dancers, can appreciate and possibly even need.

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What if you could avoid the chaos and stress of holiday travel, or at least somehow feel removed from it? Well, this is exactly what many travelers have done recently to pass the time and in some cases make it enjoyable, all by dancing at the airport!

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Each year Canada’s most Easternly province Newfoundland and Labrador is home to a two week long celebration and parade that kicks off the Christmas season. Now in its ninth year the Mummers, often cross dressing masked characters, keep their feisty tradition at the forefront of their small island town and its mainland neighbor.

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Square Dance Day

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Dance History | Dec 05, 2017
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With national days for just about everything including dances like ballet, hip-hop, and National dance day, it should come as no surprise to have a national day for a dance that is as old as the thirteen North American colonies, and is the official dance of 19 US states today. National Square Dancing Day, observed on November 29th of each year, was established to celebrate one of America’s first dances originating from colonists and their European ancestors.

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