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National Water Dance

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Dancing Around the World | Apr 12, 2016
Waterdance Miami FL2

When you hear the phrase Water Dance what likely comes to mind are images of synchronized swimmers, or perhaps water polo players dancing around in the water. Although some might argue that these are indeed water dances, there is another type that isn’t as widely seen. On Saturday, April 16th, dance students from Universities to professional companies, and from Florida to Alaska and many states in between will gather at the nearest lake, river or other water site accessible to them and unite in a simultaneous dance that will be live streamed on the internet.

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tug of war

One of the most prevalent discussions in the dance world is that of comparing one dance style against another. As some debate which is better, more technical, more enjoyable, easier vs. harder to learn, and so on, there are numerous categories for which seemingly endless debates can be had. With many of these arguments boiling down to opinion, one aspect that goes beyond mere opinion is the reality of what one should expect when switching to a new dance style after already having become accustom to the nuances of one particular style. The commonly raised question is: Is it easier to learn multiple dance styles at a time, or easier to just master one and then eventually move onto the next?

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A Presidential Performance

Posted By: Nneka Opene | General | Mar 29, 2016
Obama and the first lady say they might dance the Whip and the Nae Nae as they preside over the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House in Washington

Although current US President Barack Obama is not known for his dancing (rather, is joked to be a less than stellar dancer), and has a wife, the First Lady, Michelle Obama who is better known for her moves; it just so happens that in the last week he has been featured doing a few different dances across the globe.

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22nd Annual Easter Swing Dance

Posted By: Nneka Opene | West Coast Swing | Mar 22, 2016

This Easter weekend, “Westies” everywhere will be strutting their stuff at the highly rated, annual Easter Swing 2016. What better way to combine your love of West Coast Swing dance with the festive Easter holiday simultaneously?

Now in its 22nd year, from March 24-27th, Seattle’s already vibrant, bustling city center will come to life as West Coast Swing aficionados descend upon its streets for this popular annual tradition. Not just your average dance convention, Easter Swing is a fundraising event with proceeds going to the Seattle Swing Dance Club, a non-profit organization. Easter Swing is one of 12 world wide NASDE events, which is a West Coast Swing competition circuit.

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A How to for Wedding Dances

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Wedding | Mar 15, 2016

Apart from the actual, emotional exchanging of vows, a.k.a “tying of the knot,” just think, what is the other major highlight of most weddings? Give up? Why it’s the wedding dance of course! Although this can vary in style and substance among different cultures, religions and so on, of all the places where it is a part of the tradition, it tends to be a fairly significant one.

In many cultures, the dance often holds an important, symbolic meaning, through customs and rituals exhibited by certain movements. But even in the cases where it doesn’t, guests enjoy it because it is the moment where they get to let loose and let their hair down after having to sit through sometimes not so exciting, lengthy sermons and speeches.

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The Benefits of Dancing Multiple Styles

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Dance Guide | Mar 08, 2016
dance variety

If you’ve spent years training in a particular dance style, or you simply have a favorite style that you love more than all the rest, you might wonder why bother with anything else? Although there are some who would argue that sticking with one style is best, allowing you to hone your skills and potentially master it, others argue that this exploring other styles would only add to what you’re doing, rather than take away from it.

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