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Valentine’s Day Dance Adds to Romance

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Tango Dancing | Feb 09, 2016
Valentines dance 2016

This Valentine’s Day, why not top off that romantic dinner with a little dessert? Not just any dessert, rather one that helps get rid of calories as opposed to packing them on. Although I’m not referring to something you would eat, this is just as satisfying. Come spend an enchanting evening in a close embrace, dancing to the romantic rhythms of a hypnotizing  live Argentinian tango band.

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Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Posted By: Nneka Opene | General | Feb 02, 2016
Katy Perry HalftimeShow L shark

It’s about that time of year when millions of Americans gather together in sports bars and living rooms to watch their favorite teams battle it out for the coveted title of Superbowl champion. As big of a deal as the actual game is to many, there are are just as many viewers who watch for the million dollar, over the top commercials, and the ever important half time show.

Over the past few decades, the halftime shows have become a bigger production each year, as sponsors and producers constantly strive to outdo the past years shows with a bigger, better line up that is guaranteed to draw in more viewers and greater ratings, which of course amount to greater revenue.

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TV Ads That Put Some Pep in Your Step!

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Music | Jan 26, 2016
Kia party rocking hamsters

What is it about television ads that make them unforgettable? Is it the characters, dialogue, music or the product itself? Although this can vary for each of us, often times when you think about many of the ads that we can’t get out of our heads, or that are often parodied and talked about long after they have aired – a lot of them share a common element of catchy music and dance scenes that move not only our feet, but can also move us to buy the featured product. Here are just a handful of the companies that use dance to brand their messages into our minds, with ads that made major moves across the airwaves and pop culture history.


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Quickstep ATOMclassic

To all the local dancing machines, and anyone with a competitive spirit, it’s time to shine those dancing shoes and get ready for the very special Atomic Ballroom Classic, happening on Saturday, February 27th. This isn’t just your ordinary dance competition, as it’s ultra inclusive, ultra fun, and ultra easy to enter! 

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Iconic Award Show Dance Numbers

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Dance History | Jan 12, 2016

Grab those glitzy garments Ladies and Gents award season has arrived! January and February are jam packed with big awards shows like the Grammy’s, the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards and the nearly 100 year old Academy Awards. While some viewers are interested in the fashion, their favorite stars, or the awards themselves, what most people are talking about the next day, and still remember for years to come are the iconic performances and collaborations. It just so happens that some of the most memorable moments etched in our minds happen to be captivating numbers with special dance sequences that forever leave an imprint on our minds. Here’s a look at some of the most hip shaking, iconic moments to date.

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Dancing in the Rain and Life Lessons

Posted By: Nneka Opene | General | Jan 05, 2016
couple dancing in the rain ARTE

Since I’ve already published a couple of New Years Resolution themed articles, and let’s be honest, seeing the same lists over and over again can become a bit redundant at times; I thought I would instead post some uplifting words that can have the same type of effect of a resolution, with perhaps a bit more sentiment. Since winter is upon those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and most areas including usually sunny Southern California, are drenched in torrential rain storms, I thought the following words might be fitting.

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