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Since 2012 the Steppin’ Grannies dance fitness group have been taking the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas by storm with their spunky moves and infectious grooves.

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Roller Dreams

Posted By: Nneka Opene | featured | Oct 10, 2017
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On Friday, October 13th Metro Art Los Angeles will feature the first installment of a documentary film series about Los Angeles. “Roller Dreams.”, a film about young people of color who find sanctuary from tough inner city streets by roller dancing in Venice Beach.  

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National Get Funky Day!

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Dance History | Oct 03, 2017
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“Get Funky” is more than just a catch phrase, it is also a National day to be observed across the nation.

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Face Dance Challenge

Posted By: Nneka Opene | General | Sep 26, 2017
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Everyone has heard the expressions “Smile with your eyes” and “Speaking without words.” Well those sayings have taken on a whole new meaning with the latest dance craze called FaceDance!

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National Ballroom Dance Week

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Ballroom Dancing | Sep 19, 2017
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While summer comes to end, the 28th annual National Ballroom Dance week, running from September 15 -24, 2017, is just getting started.

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National Gymnastics Day

Posted By: Nneka Opene | Olympics | Sep 12, 2017
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National Gymnastics Day unites athletes from the world of dance, gymnastics, martial arts and other disciplines together for a day of exhibition and celebration of their incredible displays of strength and grace, and those who practice  and dedicate their lives to it.

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