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December Pinup: Ms. Tabby Da Katt

Ms. Tabby Da Katt is the December pin up girl with the most! Our December PinUp will make you all warm and fuzzy inside, perfect for those dreary, ice cold winters that Orange County, CA is famous for. In fact, it must be at most, 60F outside right now!  Brrrrrr! From Hollywood to Harlem, Ms. […]

November Pinup: Ms. Gingerlu

Sporting the latest in military uniforms, the November ATOMIC Cherry Bomb Pin Up, PFC Gingerlu is nothing but first class. Serving as both a PFC and acting director of clandestine services for MI:6, this pinup girl is one of the busiest Cherry Bombs around. I have been fortunate enough to experience this First Class Pinup […]

October Pinup: Ms. Betty Jo

ATOMIC Ballroom and the Atomic Cherry Bombs are delighted to release the October pinup: Ms. Betty Jo. So much to say about our newest Atomic Chery Bomb Pin Up, so little time. Lets see what I can fit in:

Good things come to those who wait; September Pinup: Ms. Claire Voyannte

After a long and exhausting trip to Sardinia, our September Pin Up, Ms. Calire Voyannte of the Atomic Cherry Bombs, sat down with ATOMIC Ballroom and shared some of her most intimate details about life, love, and a long yearning for ruffles. ATOMIC: So, Ms. Voyannte… PinUp: Call me Ms. Claire. ATOMIC: Very well, Ms. […]

August Pinup: Ms. Ginger Holiday

ATOMIC Ballroom is proud to announce the August Pinup girl from the Atomic Cherry Bombs, Ms. Ginger Holiday. After meeting the lovely pin up Ms. Ginger Holiday, you are immediately overcome with an intense desire to dance and sing. A pageant queen as a toddler, now Ms. Holiday is often found running through meadows, blowing […]

July Pinup: Ms. Kay Bonita

ATOMIC Ballroom and the Atomic Cherry Bombs are delighted to release the July pinup: Ms. Kay Bonita. A dreamy starlight, Ms. Kay Bonita enjoys imitating Kim Kardashian, smiling, and trying on all of her pants. Once Princess of Sealand, Ms. Bonita is now found on top of mountains not ‘getting things done’.  However, before she […]