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Atomic Teacher Feature : Joe Banks

Dance specialty: Argentine Tango Years teaching : 22 (Five at Atomic) Fun Fact: “Loves to bash on the horde!” (if you’re wondering, what on earth this means, then keep reading along for explanation)! Joe Banks, the smooth dancing, soft spoken, California guy didn’t start out dancing or as a Californian.

Teacher of the Month : Lauren Woods

Dance specialty : Argentine tango Years teaching at Atomic : 2 Fast fact : Classically trained opera singer

Teacher Feature: Reza Zargari

Our next teacher for our “Teacher Features” is old/new instructor, Reza! Reza taught at ATOMIC for a few years, left for a few years to develop his career, but then realized he couldn’t stay away from dance or ATOMIC and so now he is back! Reza left ATOMIC before I started working here, so I […]

Teacher Feature: Demetre Souliotes

For this teacher feature, I’m excited to introduce you all to Demetre Souliotes! Demetre is a long time West Coast Swing dancer but has only been teaching with us at ATOMIC for about a year. Since joining our teaching team, Demetre has brought a lot of good energy to the studio. Not only is he […]