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Atomic Teacher Feature: Doreen Fineman

Fun facts: Once nick named “Woody”, after Woody Guthrie, for her crazy, silly song leading. Admitted Candy Crush addict. She has so many camping skills that if you were lost in the forest, you would want her to be there with you! Dawning her dancing shoes since she was a toddler, Doreen Fineman was basically […]

Atomic Teacher Feature : Joe Banks

Dance specialty: Argentine Tango Years teaching : 22 (Five at Atomic) Fun Fact: “Loves to bash on the horde!” (if you’re wondering, what on earth this means, then keep reading along for explanation)! Joe Banks, the smooth dancing, soft spoken, California guy didn’t start out dancing or as a Californian.

Teacher of the Month : Lauren Woods

Dance specialty : Argentine tango Years teaching at Atomic : 2 Fast fact : Classically trained opera singer