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Tap Class Notes from Shesha

Posted By: Shesha Marvin | Filed under: Tap Dancing, Class Notes | Dec 11, 2009

I’m excited to be starting my new tap program at ATOMIC Ballroom. We have some 35 people now signed up for the class, held 5pm on Sundays as part of my super popular swing dance series. Each week I’ll post the class notes here so that you can practice.

Part 1. Improv Phrasing
Chug Chug Chug Chug x3
R         L         R        L
a          8          a         1

Tap and hold for 4th

Part 2.  Technique
Shuffles (2 sounds, no weight change)
Shu-ffle Shu-fle Shu-fle Shu-fle Shu-fle Shu-fle Shu-fle Step(Weight Change)
R            R            R            R           R            R            R        R
a      1     a      2      a     3    a       4    a     5    a    6      a    7       8
then switch and do it all on the left

Part 3.  Time Steps
Zero Time Step
Hop Step Step Ball Stomp(no weight)
L      R       L      R        L
1       2       3       a        4

Part 4.  Technique
Paddle and Roll
Dig Brush Step(weight Change) Heel
R       R        R                                       R
1      and     2                                       and
repeat on left side
repeat on right side

Step Heel Step Heel
L       L       R      R
1      and    2     and

repeat part 4 starting with the left!

Part 5.  The Shim Sham
Stomp Offs

Stomp Brush Step Stomp Brush Step Stomp Brush Step Step Stomp Brush Step
R          R        R        L           L       L         R          R       R      L         R         R        R
8          a        1          2           a        3         4           a       5       a         6          a         7

repeat on left
repeat on right (but fake the last weight change and keep your right foot free for the break)

Step tap step hop step hop step step step
R     L     L      L      R      R      L      R     L
8     1      2      a     and   a      5        6      7

Part 6.  Technique

Brush Step Brush Step Brush Step Brush Step Brush Step Brush Step
R         R        L        L       R        R       L         L        R        R      L        L     etc….
a          1         a         2       a        3        a          4        a        5       a        6  …

About the author:

Owner of ATOMIC Ballroom, Shesha Marvin is an upstanding member of the Orange County Swing Community putting together wonderful dance events for all, including the wildly successful Dance A Thon.

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  1. Jenny says:

    If you’re looking for your own personal square of tap floor like the ones you use in class, they can be purchased from Jubilee at:
    Or you can make your own to practice at home by buying a piece of plywood and cutting it down to a more manageable size.

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